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Vita-D3® 21214

High potency vitamin D3


Essential for calcium absorption

• Aids in calcium absorption for maintaining strong bones and teeth*

Vitamin D plays a major role in protecting your health and is vital for overall well-being. Vita-D3® contains 1,000 IU of vitamin D3, the most potent form of vitamin D.


Vitamin D has been shown in recent studies to:

  • Help support healthy, heart function
  • Help promote immune health
  • Facilitate healthy cell development
  • Aid in calcium absorption for maintaining strong bones and teeth

Plus, Shaklee's Vita-D3 is subjected to over 300 tests to guarantee product purity.

Shaklee Difference:

Cutting Edge Nutrition Science

Vita-D3 is the culmination of recent scientific research including two Shaklee industry-leading vitamin D studies. Supplemental vitamin D is clinically suppported and proven to significantly raise blood levels of vitamin D.


1 tablet daily

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