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BestWater MTS 2000 System (Under-counter)


BestWater MTS 2000 System (Under-counter) 82333

BestWater MTS 2000 under-counter

Advanced Undercounter carbon filtration system #82333. Includes installation parts (#56790).

Carbon filtration system installs easily, providing instant, clean, delicious water for just pennies a day. With the under-counter model installed under your sink, only the attractive chrome faucet shows on your counter-top, positioned where you want it to dispense great tasting water. The MTS2000 system is ideal for the majority of homes with municipal water supplies. It carries a Five-Year Warranty. Includes a filter and necessary installation parts.

The compact design of this system belies its impressive capacity to produce up to 1,000 gallons of filtered, great-tasting water. MTS 2000 Filter included

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