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TTB is the best 45 minute fitness class in Brooklyn. Based on the principles and rigors of head trainer Samantha Ortiz, our physical fitness program includes:

Total Body Attack

Arms & Legs

Ab’s & Glutes

Kick It Cardio

Feel The Burn

Cardio & Ab’s

We have clients of all levels, shapes, sizes, and ages in our program. This cutting edge and creative fitness style guarantees results.

Join now and get in the best shape of your life!

Our Story


Our classes are created to service multiple members in a friendly, social, environment. The class setting is perfect to feed and draw motivation from other class members looking to sculpt, build or shed some weight.

We have multiple trainers on staff available to provide a custom tailored workout. Our experienced trainers work with Olympian and Pro Level Athletes,  young college bound athletes, and of course working professionals looking to take their workout goals to the next level. Contact us today to discuss your goals and we would be happy to match you up.

At Triple Threat we are extremely interested in your success. We know working out is only half of the equation. As such we have partnered up with Shaklee Products to provide a complete nutritional solution designed to feed your body everything it needs while you build and shed undesired weight. We encourage all our members to take advantage of the amazing resource available on the premises.



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Are you competitive in yoga class? Maybe not on purpose? Or maybe it’s a internal competitiveness either for a personal goal….or maybe you’re feeling just a bit self-judgmental. (Did we make up a new term?) Essentially, we’re a pretty competitive society (hello, capitalism!) – it often helps us understand progress and encourages us to reach


"Walk In Strong, Walk Out Stronger"